3 comments on “A Utah Landmark

  1. Nate Great to see that you have found us. We are always looking for new and talented builders to join the club. Though I have to tell you, This MOC wasn’t done by a ULUG member, but by Ben, who I can only hope is a member of a LUG somewhere, as he’s not one here, but we would take him if he wanted to join here.
    We however choose to feature his work here because the Mt. Timpanogos Temple is in Utah.

  2. I just discovered ULUG. Why didn’t it occur to me that the MOC I’ve been planning would have been done by a ULUG member already? My hold up was getting the bricks required to do this MOC justice.

    You have done just that here. I’m very impressed. Any chance we can get some night time style shot with small lights illuminating this from the ground level? I feel that would take the presentation of this to the next level.

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