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Ferrari F40 LM

What welcome news, Just last night, I was talking with one of the young men in the neighborhood about sports cars, and lamented that I would never own one. They are too pricey, and even more outside of the budget of an AFOL who spends all that extra cash on LEGO. Lego however has come to my rescue. announcing the release of the Ferrari F40 Lego Super Car.

Every gear head knows the F40, The last Ferrari produced under the direction of Enzo Farrari, it celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Ferrari. Manufactured from 1987 to 1992, demand soared, and 1,315 were built instead of the planned 450. Of these, 2 were produced in Black, and less than 10 in yellow, a few in white, and the rest in that classic red hue replicated here.


It’s hard to judge the fidelity of the set without actually having either to compare with, but they did get the color right I dare say. Then there are the other details, a little too numerous to detail here, but the gallery makes for nice browsing, and drooling.
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There is a brick ton of LEGO new coming out of the New York Toy Fair today. The Buildable Star Wards figures are just the latest.

I have never had a desire to buy the Bionicle, or Hero Factory LEGO sets, I was even able to resist their DC and Marvel figures when those were introduced, but these. It’s gonna be rough. An I know the kids will want them. On the plus side, look at those light sabers. There will be lots of severed LEGO arms in the house this year.