ComicCon Giveaways
During the 2013 Salt Lake Comic con, the Utah LEGO Users Group will be giving away 6 LEGO sets. These are the official Rules of that giveaway.



1) Agreement: In order to enter the daily giveaway, you must agree to these Official Rules (“Rules”) prior to entry. You can not enter the giveaway, nor receive prizes form it unless you agree to these rules.
2) Eligibility: Giveaway is open to all registered attendees of the Salt Lake Comic Con, who are 18 years or older on the day of the entry.
3) Entry: To enter, stop by the Utah LEGO User’s Group Display at the Salt Lake Comic Con, Locate the Giveaway Signage, Scan Scan the QR Code on the Signage on any web enabled device, and Fill out the Entry form.
4) Prizes: 6 Prizes are being given away, 2 each on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the Salt Lake Comic Con. LEGO Set numbers 9515, 79104, 79002, 76005, 7869, 76007.
5) Winners: will be chosen at random from the list of qualified entries received each day.
5) Notice of Winnings: Winners will be contacted, and notified that they have won, and announced on the Utah LEGO User’s Group Website.
6) Prize Claims: After being notified of a winning entry, Winners must pick up their prizes in Person, either at the Con, or at some other location as determined by coordinating with the Giveaway administrators.
7)Finality: All decisions of the Giveaway Administrators are final, and may not be challenged.

ULUG at Utah County Fair

The Utah Lego Users Group is once again putting on a show at the Utah County Fair. come and join us for a fresh take on everyone’s favorite toy. As always there is something new to see. This year we’ve got a large Lord of the Rings layout, City Zoo, and new mosaics and Sculpture to peak your interest. Bring the Kids we guarantee they’ll love it, till you try and make them leave that is!

Utah County Fair
Spanish Fork Fair Grounds
475 S Main St Spanish Fork Utah

Fair Hours:
Wed 4-10pm
Thurs- Saturday 8am to 10pm

Admission is Free!

Last night at Comic-Con’s preview night, The latest LEGO CUUSOO set Back to the Future went on sale. Along with it came the official announcement posted on the CUUSOO site. If that’s not enough information for you. The brothers over at The Brother’s Brick got a preview copy to review. which is informative, and provides some otherwise unpublished published pictures.

I could take some time and type a whole raft of comments and notes about what I can see in the set, but instead I think I’d be better off limiting it to what I see as the major points and then letting you look through the pictures, and watch the Video for yourself.

Major Points

  • New Minifigures
  • Custom printed tiles for license plates and interior
  • It’s a Delorean
  • On sale now at Comic-Con, then world wide on August 1st
  • Will available from LEGO Stores,, and select retailers
  • Costs $US 34.99

The Pictures

The Design Video

ComicConLogoSmall Once again, Comic Con is the event to attend for LEGO news. this time, Lego anounces via cnet That 2 new Minecraft sets are coming to market.

The new sets Minecraft the Village, and Minecraft the Nether will be made available for $35 from select retailer, and in store and online from


Minecraft-The Village:

  • Like the last Minecraft set (now renamed Minecraft-The Forest) it can be split into 4 parts and reconfigured to add a simple method of personalization
  • Measures 3″ by 3″ by 3″
  • A buildable villager
  • A buildable zombie
  • a buildable pig
  • Contains lots of earth tone colored bricks and plates

LEGO Minecraft - The Nether
Minecraft- the Nether

  • Can be split into 4 parts and reconfigured to add a simple method of personalization
  • Measures 3″ by 3″ by 3″
  • 2 buildable Ghast
  • A buildable Zombie Pigman
  • Lots of Dark Red, and Black tiles and plates

Lego has warned, that when the sets first appear in September, there will be a limited supply due to the expedited production and product launch timeline. SO both sets will probably experience the same shortages that were common with the first LEGO Minecraft set.

All that aside, the best part of this news is the possibility that other LEGO CUUSOO sets and themes could be expanded into multiple sets.