Lego Sales

Novembers Store Calendar is out, and there’s a hidden Gem in here, if your looking for a great LEGO deal:
The Offer for a Holiday Pick A Brick Box, with $75 purchase, and
The Offer for the Limited Edition Lego Holiday Set with $99 Purchase stack,
So if you wait, and make your purchase in a LEGO store Between November 29th(Black Friday) and December 2 (Cyber Monday) you can get both with your single $99 purchase.





As Part of what will become a regular feature here on the site, we are publishing the October LEGO Store Calendar. I must say, October looks awesome, It’s full of great things to do, exclusives to pickup, and plenty of activities, not the least of which is the Utah Stores Grand Opening Celebration, and double VIP points. For a complete listing of times and dates, click on the Images above to be taken to a full size image.

FREE, exclusive LEGO -EL with purchases of $75 or more. Valid 6.1.03 - 6.25.13 or while supplies last

Tomorrow June 1st Through June 25th, Lego will be offering:
An exclusive Jor-El minifigure with any purchase over $75 US
Additionally, They are changing their shipping policies, so that Orders of$75 or more will always ship free.

June LEGO exclusive Fig Promo

June LEGO exclusive Fig Promo

Unlike That Marvel Fig from last month this one really is exclusive, so if you want it’ it’s a buy now, or pay some crazy price for it later.

Begining today, LEGO is giving away the Iron Man vs Fighting Drone Set pictured below with any purchase over $50 when you shop online or instore.
Normally I love LEGO fig giveaway with purchase, they have a tenancy to increase dramatically in value, but this one Does not look like it will go that route. Closer inspection reveals that this is the same Iron Man fig that you get as part of Set #6867 Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape6867-Loki's-Cosmic-Cube-Escape

So it’s a rather bland giveaway, and If your an Iron man collector, you likely already have this version of Iron man. If you don’t and you still want it, or you’re a Poly bag collector this might be the time to buy. otherwise this set is a pass.