Who:ULUG member’s new and old
When:September 17th at 1pm
Where: My House (check the forums for directions)
What: September is Here, and our next club meeting is just arround the corner. Draft:We’re drafting 2 copies of the Lego Maersk Train (you can get more info about the draft in the forums), and we’ll spend quite a bit of time discussing the more formal aspects of the club and it’s direction and organization

June is Over,
June is Gone, Hey,
July is here,
And the meetings less than a week away!

Who: AFOL’s (closet and otherwise), TFOL’s, and CFOL’s
What: Lego Fun
When: July 16th the year of our brick 2011
Where: The Bowling Alley
How: With lots of Plastic, some rubber, and even some string
Why: Cause we can
Drafting: Escape from the Dragon Prison (7187)

June’s Meeting is just arround the corner.
Who: Lego AFOL’s (you know who you are)
What: A get together (It’s like AA, but for Lego, and our 12 step program does not encourage you to quit)
When: June 11th 2011
Where: Our usuall hang out
How: by any means necessary.
Why: because it’s Lego!
Drafting: Tripod Invader (7051)


May’s club meeting is just arround the corrner. so cancel your weekend plans, get building and have some fun.

When: Saturday may 14th 2011 1pm

Where: SLC (our usual digs)

Drafting: Still being decided. Cast your vote in The Poll

Update: Polls are now closed Thanks for your vote! We will be drafting the new PoTC set Fountain of Youth.

Building Challenge Theme: Micropolis, It’s your second chance to win prizes. This one sponsored by Mason, has a $1 Entry fee. The winner gets this Awesome Gold Chrome Mini Fig. Check the forums for more of the Building Challenge Rules.

Mason's Chrome Minifig

April will be a busy meeting, We will be:

Our April Meeting will be Saturday April 16, 2011, 1:00 pm in Salt Lake City

Drafting: 2 copies of the Harry Potter Castle. You need not bring your own, just some cash to buy in. Buy in is anticiptaed at about $22 but will depend on the actual number of draft participants. It’s still up in the air. Check the forums, and add your voice to what it should be.

Having our Lego Second Building Challenge, Now with Prizes. This months theme is Micropolis, Anything you want, as long as it adheres to the general Micropolis Standards as published by TwinLUG. The winner as determined by popular vote of attending club members will receive the Freeing Doby set from Lego’s Harry Potter Themed Lego sets.

Show and Tell, Bring you creations, wonders, finds, and even table scraps to share with the group.

And Weather permitting, we will work the club trailer and tables, to get them ready for the next show.