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You have by now heard the news, and if not, well you must be a Warner Brothers Fan, so good riddance. And if you are a Disney fan but haven’t heard the news, LEGO and Disney are realizing a series of minifigures.

Are you done hyperventilating yet? good. Now on to the important things….

May 3nd. Thats your date. ¬†Yes, I know its really the first but you don’t really want to be out there with everyone else, so do us all a favor and wait till the 3rd.

And here’s the good news: each box has 3 sets, plus a few extras to give to your friends (you know those LEGO guys next door).





LEGO Movie set
We all new that at some point LEGO would have to produce LEGO sets and minifigures based on the upcoming LEGO movie. Yesterday it all became officil ain the form of a Press Release from LEGO at the SDCC Comic-Con. You can click through the break to read more if you want to read the official press release, but the key points are:

  • Initially 17 sets based on the movie will be produced
  • The sets will be in a range of standard LEGO themes, including, wild west, City, and Space
  • A video game based on the movie will be produced
  • a playable demo of the video game will be previewed at Comic-Con
  • There will be a wave of new, and “new again” collectible minifigures based on the movie (Can you say classic space man?)
  • There will be a whole host of LEGO related merchandise brought to market by other vendors, primarily in the form of clothing, and books.
  • The movie releases the firs week of February 2014

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Barnes and Noble Lego Events

While Utah may not have a LEGO store (yet???) We do have plenty of Barnes and Nobel Stores, and Starting on the 19th of this month, Barnes and Noble Stores in Utah will begin hosting Lego Building Events.

Space is limited to the first 40 kids, and you need to reserve your space on the in-store reservation sheets, you can however check out dates and times by clicking on the links above.

Hope to see you there.

10% OFF $149 + FREE Shipping on $49 + Exclusive LEGO Set on $99
This Year’s best Black Friday Deal will depend on what you need , but it just might be at the Lego Store
This Year From November 25th through November 28th the LEGO Shop at home is offering 3 stack able offers:

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Lego Santa Yoda
If you haven’t already heard, Lego has launched a new website LEGOsantaYoda.com for the Christmas Season.

To help advertise the site, Lego fans and gathered in San Francisco Ca over the weekend to build a 12 foot tall Yoda in Santa Clause outfit.

And as you might expect, Santa Yoda is in the holiday spirit of giving. Head over to the website, and send a Lego Star Wars Holiday greeting card, and Lego and Santa Yoda will donate a new Lego Toy to the U.S Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program. And if you feeling a bit miserly yourself, and want Santa Yoda to give you a gift, well then you can enter the Lego Star Wars Holiday scene contest on the website by creating a picture or poster depicting the Lego Star Wars Mini-figure carrying out the holiday spirit, and uploading it to the website and you’ll be entered to win on of the Great Prizes. But really, you ought to send an e-card as well.

But if all you want is your own Santa Yoda, you can get your own Santa Yoda Mini figure inside the Lego Star Wars advent calendar available at Amazon.com (7958) or the Lego Shop and at many brick and mortar retailers such as Walmart and Toys R Us.