Misc. LEGO

May’s club meeting is just arround the corrner. so cancel your weekend plans, get building and have some fun.

When: Saturday may 14th 2011 1pm

Where: SLC (our usual digs)

Drafting: Still being decided. Cast your vote in The Poll

Update: Polls are now closed Thanks for your vote! We will be drafting the new PoTC set Fountain of Youth.

Building Challenge Theme: Micropolis, It’s your second chance to win prizes. This one sponsored by Mason, has a $1 Entry fee. The winner gets this Awesome Gold Chrome Mini Fig. Check the forums for more of the Building Challenge Rules.

Mason's Chrome Minifig

. . . because we rock at advertising for them. Our crowd today was the second largest we’ve ever had–second only to last year’s Scout Jamborall in Ogden, where the crowd was four people deep! We took questions and informed our spectators about our hobby, sold “Lego” candy, and during the few minutes Reed had me man the sales table, I sold two shirts and a magnet with our club’s logo on them (which means Reed must have sold a lot himself!). And nearly everyone who talked to us wanted to know the same thing: where we got our Lego. LEGO, we directed them to you. Give us something! 😛

Nah, just kidding, LEGO. Our reward is you staying in business and continuing to produce such excellent sets as the upcoming 10185 Green Grocer. (Ha! I knew I’d be able to sneak that in somewhere!)

Anyway, my report on the show will come on Monday, complete with pictures. But for now, I’ve got some cleaning up to do. Have a lovely Saturday night!

Quote of the day:

“If I were running one of them other displays, I’d be pissed that the LEGO group has all the people.” — A spectator, aside to his friday