Modular Western Town by mb_bricks
Some Time ago this MOC was made by builder Marshall_Bannana for the EuroBricks Spaghetti Western Building Contest, It was then featured on the Brother’s Brick, and is Now up on CUUSOO just waiting for your votes so it can be turned into (a) real set(s).

I thought this set was awesome the first time I saw it, the details are stunning, the hues matted enough that it feels like a dust storm has rolled through the prairie and through town at least a couple times already. So when I saw it on CUUSOO about a month a go, Marshall_Bannana got my vote. And I still love it, enough so that If I could vote for it twice I would, but I can’t so I’m joining the throng and petitioning you for your votes as well.

If your some how still not swayed to support the project let me point out a couple of things: The two sets that have gone through CUUSOO so far have all come out better than they went in. The SHINKAI, and Hayabusa were good, but got even better.

This is the only Idea over 1,000 supporters that is not based on an existing licence, and really wouldn’t you rather have some sets that are not subject to the “liscenced” set price hike. Finally, It’s western, I’m imagining the specialty pieces that would be added when Lego turns it into a real set, cowboys Indians, Tumble weeds, lizzards, tan snakes, a whole mesh of sheriffs, and bandits.

So move that mouse on over and support the project


UPS Trucks on ULUG's Lego Layout
Those of you who have been to a ULUG public event might have noticed the UPS trucks, planes, and even space cargo vehicles around the layout, and thought it interesting but didn’t know the whole story. These UPS creations are the brain child of our own Reed Cowan. Reed is President and Founder of the Great Basing Lego Train Club (GBLT&C), a ULUG member, and UPS employee in Orem Utah.

Some time ago Reed got the idea in his mind to combine his love of LEGO, and passion for his employer. That idea began to bloom, as Reed approached UPS to make sure that it would be okay to use their logo’s on his creations. UPS said yes, and now you can see his work scattered about the ULUG Layout.

Well that passion has now come full circle, as UPS has featured Reed and his passion for Lego on their Upside Blog. check it out and learn more about what has brought UPS and LEGO together.

The mosaic is finished! Brian Pilati, ULUG’s president, sent this message out after the build:

Thanks everyone!

The project turned out awesome!

I really appreciate everyone who came and helped … we could not have done it without everyone!

This was a really great project. Thanks to SelectHealth for giving us this opportunity! 😀

As usual, the time lapse is after the break.
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