Q: Did you buy the models from Lego or make them yourselves? 

A: It's really a mix, there are some models that The LEGO Group has designed, so well that we leave them exactly as we purchased them, but most everything you see on the layout is our own creations inspired by life, cartoons, movies, and our own imaginations, that were made form LEGO parts we bought from from many sources.

Q: Do you use anything except LEGO parts? 

 Yes, but in limited well planned designed where part are not available from The LEGO Group. 

 Q: This is Huge, How Long did it take to set up? 

A: Setup including the tables takes the club 6 to 8 hours to set up. we usually begin setting up the morning of the event opening and finishing just before the doors open. If that seems quick, it's because it is. Most of our models are pre-assembled by their respective owners, and then transported to the show intact, and placed along side the others, then we spend a good amount of time fixing, and rebuilding the models that have broken or come apart during transit. 

Q: Do you glue your models together? 

A: No, Kra'gl'e allowed. Building with LEGO parts and pieces, is that if you build something, get tired of it, or want to make a change to it, you can easily take it apart and build something completely different out of those same parts. 

Q: How Much is this worth? 

A: Priceless to us, not so much for others.

Q: How do you get so much Lego? 

A: Many of us have been collecting for 20+ years, so over time, our collections have grown. We also tend to buy in bulk. Instead of going to the store and buying 1 set, we wait till there is a good sale on a LEGO set and then buy multiples. This way, we get a lot of the same pieces. This is important because when your building with LEGO pieces, there is no "bad" piece, but every piece is more useful if you have more of them. If you're looking for some buying tips, you can check our online BUY LEGO page. 

Q: How Can I join the Club? 

A: Yes, it's always great to meet new AFOL's and so ULUG are open to anyone 16 and older who has a love of LEGO product and materials, and want to meet with other like minded builders, Those under 16 can still attend meetings, but need to be accompanied by an adult. If your interested, talk to anyone of us at one of the shows, or Click Here, and we'll get you started. 

Q: Can I donate to help support you?

A: Sure. If you want to donate, you can contribute directly to the club or buy items online through our affiliates. Additionally, if you want to donate LEGO parts or LEGO related items, we accept those as well. 

Q: I am over event XYZ, can I get your club to come to our event? 

A: While we love to do shows, we can't do them all, But we try to do a variety of different shows each year. So try to give us 6 to 12 months advance notice so that we can plan, see what the interest level of the club membership is. Our participation is dependent on the interest of our club members, consequently, there are a few things you can do to increase our member's interest including:

  • Plan on a minimum $300 stipend

  • Complimentary Parking at the event

  • Complimentary or discounted meals

  • Send your request to us 6 to 12 months in advance by sending an email to events at utahlug.org. (Note: replace the at with an @ symbol)

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