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  1. Hello Friends!

    It’s in the books! Summer Palooza will be held Saturday June 7th,
    mark your calendars. Better yet, reserve your booth.

    We’re happy and grateful to work with you again and will give you a
    head start on the vendor booths, this invite will go out to the public
    on Monday–so here’s your head start. As always, we limit vendor
    booths to not have more than 2 of the same business category.

    Again–Looking forward to an awesome party! Thanks for your support
    and continuing to make our Palooza’s the best events ever!

    here’s the official invite:

    Summer Palooza at West Ridge Academy
    (home of the annual scarecrow festival)
    Will be held Saturday June 7, 10am-7pm

    This outdoor venue has tons of space to accommodate the 40,000
    families in Utah Kids Club.

    *If you attended Winter Palooza at South Towne Expo Center, you know
    the huge crowds that come out to play, shop and sign up for new,
    healthy, active programs.

    Summer Palooza will feature kids programs, summer activities, health
    and wellness products, home decor, kids clothing, ladies clothing,
    beauty products, education and learning courses.

    Come sell products, build contacts and expand your business. Reserve
    your booth here:

    Families come together, Moms, dads, kids and grandparents love our
    party, they stay for 4 to 5 hours to shop and explore new things,
    enjoy a variety of entertainment….this is not just a day at the
    park, it’s a full day out.

    Over 10,000 in attendance at our last Palooza

    Heavily advertised: Good Things Utah, Studio 5, KBull 93 Radio, Bee
    98.7, Newspapers, Magazines, Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake Magazines
    and of course, the 40,000 and growing, Utah Kids Club Families

    Come sell products, promote up coming events,summer programs, hand out
    coupons, flyers and brand yourselves.

    -10X10 area for 150
    -Or a 10X20 area, for 1 business, for 250.00 use coupon code “2booths”

    Each business needs to be registered individually.

    For more BUZZ call Candy for Sponsorships

    Questions?? Candy Skapple 801-631-8993

    Reserve your booth space here:

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