Misc. LEGO Web sites:

  • – The official LEGO website
  • LUGNET – Global community of LEGO enthusiasts
  • – Community of stop motion animators, has a large directory of LEGO films
  • Peeron – LEGO set part inventories and building instructions
  • Brickwiki – Open content LEGO encyclopedia

LEGO Train Layout Software:

(Note: Both are Windows-only programs, unfortunately we haven’t found anything that is cross platform yet.)

LEGO Modeling Software

  • LEGO Digital Designer- LEGO’s official virtual building program. Allows you to design a model and buy it from LEGO, although the part selection is limited. Free download, runs on Mac OS X and Windows.
  • LDraw- Free fan created collection of tools for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Has enormous library of nearly every LEGO element ever made.

Instructions and How Tos

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