Interested in joining ULUG?

Anyone who’s interested in LEGO can show up to one of our shows and talk to us about joining there, or you can email us at [email protected]. If you are under 16 you must have an adult attend club events with you.

List of Members

  1. Gary McIntire– Founder, currently not active. Working as a Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND California and helped build Miniland Las Vegas.
  2. Brian Pilati
  3. Jordan Neves
  4. Reed Cowan– Founder/President of GBLT&C
  5. Jeffery Jarvis
  6. Isaac Nelson
  7. Luke Nelson
  8. Bill Nelson
  9. Matthew Benedict
  10. Amber Cowan
  11. Rin Ure
  12. Nathan Cunningham1 (Taylorsville)
  13. Jason Simmons–President
  14. Shani Simmons
  15. Taylor Reichmann
  16. David Nuttall
  17. Spencer Fuller
  18. Lynn Ure (no relation to Rin)
  19. Bryan Schmidt
  20. Rolf Cloward
  21. George Queen
  22. Nick Matlock
  23. Nate Cunningham2 (Ogden)
  24. Ryan Schulz
  25. Kaylee Simmons
  26. Steven Bobowski
  27. Jason Ripplinger
  28. Tracy Atkinson
  29. Jason Steadman
  30. Cody Ottley
  31. Steve Poulsen
  32. Spencer Hale
  33. Joseph G
  34. Mason Hall
  35. Heir of Black Falcon
  36. Xarquar

Members’ Websites:

  • GBLT&C – Great Basin LEGO Train Club – Regularly collaborates with ULUG to build train layouts for model train shows. (Reed Cowan)
  • Nelson Studios – LEGO animations (Isaac and Luke Nelson)
  • Sly PiggeryBlog – Personal website and blog (Nathan Cunningham1)
  • Next-Gen Design – MOCs (Jordan Neves)
  • ULUG Google Group (no longer used)

Members’ MOC Galleries:

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Member of The Utah LEGO Users Group

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4 comments on “Members

  1. I just joined today and was wondering if you guys have a regular meeting time and place to get together. If so I would like to join you. Let me know.

  2. Just wondering if you will be presenting at the SLC FANX Comicon in April. I heard great things about your setup at the last con and would love to see you guys there. Still no LUG up here in Idaho. I need to get working on that.

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