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  1. Thanks for letting me join your club,I probably won’t be able to attend meeting or your great conventions.The reason being is that I’m in Michigan and I’m in a wheelchair from Rhuematoid Arthritis and I don’t travel well.I’ll do what I can to be an active member and I’ll try not be a pest with a lot of question for the talented builders in the club.I was wondering does the club have a forum page where I can ask questions and for help?Once again thanks for letting me join and I look forward to all the great builds.

  2. Just wondering if you will be presenting at the SLC FANX Comicon in April. I heard great things about your setup at the last con and would love to see you guys there. Still no LUG up here in Idaho. I need to get working on that.

  3. I just joined today and was wondering if you guys have a regular meeting time and place to get together. If so I would like to join you. Let me know.

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