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Clicking on over to LEGO’s website, reveals that the summer clearance sale is in full swing. with items ranging from 15% to 50% off in some cases, it’s worth a look.

On Sale:
Pirates of the Caribean #4193 The London Escape 49.99 Now 37.48, 4183 The Mill39.99 Now 29.98, and The video game 29.99 Now = 8.98

A Whole raft of Hero Factory Sets

Alien Conquest #7050 Alien Defender 9.99 Now 8.48, #7051 Tripod Invader 19.99 Now: 16.98, #7052 UFO Abduction 29.99 Now 24.48, #7067 Jet-Copter Encounter 39.99 Now 33.98, and #7065 Alien Mothership 59.99 Now 50.98

And others including Heroica, and Harry Potter Games, Cars, Seasonal Polly bag sets, Duplo Mini figures, Train Motors, and a bunch of Key chains.

Plus as an added Bonus, if you spend more than $75 you’ll get a free Sopwith Camel Mini Model.

Lego today through April 8th is selling of there inventory of Alien Conquest sets at 25% off MSRP.
A Great Deal if you need to expand your army of Aliens and Business Men.

Alien Mothership 59.99 44.98

Alien Defender 9.99 7.48

JetCopter Encounter 39.99 29.98

Earth Defense HQ< 89.99 44.98

UFO Abduction 29.99 22.48

Tripod Invader 19.999 14.98

Additionally, Now through April 30th if you spend $99 or more at, and Lego will include a reusable tote free with your purchase.