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Official LEGO news has been slow of late, so there hasn’t been much to post here, or is there? One of ULUG’s newest members Quinn Rollins was unsatisfied with the available offering of Official LEGO Batman figs, and has built some of his own

I’m not usually one for custom figures, So much so that I cringe when my kids try to tell me how I can customize the figs we have with a sharpie. But these are diffident, you can tell this is not grade school boys with sharpies.

It is a good month for LEGO building Events. Earlier we posted about the upcoming LEGO build events that would be held later this month at our local Barnes and Noble stores, and now there is news that this weekend there will be another at local Toys R us Stores.

The event will give children the opportunity to build a “shield” or rather a batman or superman emblem. regardless of weather or not it’s a “shield” it’s still cool, and free. drag your kids along, and have fun.

click the image for more details:
Toys R Us Build a SuperMan or Batman shield Event
Note”while your there, be careful what you buy. ToysRus is notorious for their marked up prices


What is probably the most anticipated LEGO them of 2012 has arrived early, and just in time for Christmas. Begging today LEGO Shop at Home has begun selling the first wave of the LEGO Super Heroes theme Starting with The Dark Night (Batman) is side kick Robin, and a whole host of classic villains from Two Face, The Joker, The Riddler, and Catwoman. And just in case the mini fig scale buildings and figures weren’t enough there are also pose-able figures of Batman, The Joker, and Green Lantern. If you order today you might just be able to get your order in time for Christmas, if not, you’ll definitely get it in time for the Christmas break. cause you can never have enough LEGO.

in order to link to find these hidden gems navigate to, then in the search field type “Super Heroes” you’ll see an image for all of the currently available DC comics Super Heroes sets.