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Trapper Trail Council Patch
Just a reminder: ULUG will bring the LEGO and present it to you at the 2012 Trapper Trails Ogden Area Scout O Rama event.
Come Join us, and support a great cause, check out all the scouting boths and displays: and then when your done come check out the LEGO. Were Biased we know, but we think it’s one of the coolest things you’ll see at the event. other than the Zip line and Monkey Bridge

WHEN:Friday and Saturday May 11-12 2012
WHERE: Layton Christian Academy 2352 E Hy 193, Layton (some of you know Hwy 193 as Hill Field Road. )
please note the new location, it has changed

  • $5.00 per Scouts
  • $3.00 per Cub Scout
  • $3.00 per Adults/Leader