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THE LEGO Technic Design team announced earlier this week an opportunity for you to design a customized LEGO Technic Model based upon the chassis of the current crawler set # 9398. to ener buld your model, take a picture, then visit to upload you picture.

The winner earns the title of Honorary Lego Technic Designer, And LEGO will produce and sell 20,000 of your unique model as exclusive collectibles.

Don’t have a copy of 9398, no worries, you can pick it up form

This post will have 3 parts: History of the Rebrick website, information about the Lego Inside tour and set, and finally about he build challenge.

Rebrick Logo
The ReBrick was officially launched to the public on December 15th of 2011 by the LEGO group with the intent that it would become a new centralized portal for LEGO fans to share their creations. Unlike other LEGO brand websites, the Rebrick website has some slight different rules:

For Example, the site is not moderated according to normal LEGO standards for official Lego products, and is actually moderated by the users, and while the site is run by LEGO, the branding is small and at the bottom of the page. As such the site has a communal feel similar to that of other fan sites.

LEGO Inside Tour
Lego Inside Tour
Happens 3 times a year in Billiand Denmark, accommodates 25 people per tour and costs 12,000 DKK or approximately 2,000 US per person. so it’s not in mos t people budgets, especially if your taking a group with you. As part of the tour, a special Inside Tour set that changes every year. Until now the only ways to get this set were to go on the Inside Tour, or buy one from someone who had gone on the tour.
Note: click here for more information on the LEGO Inside Tour.

Lego Piper Airplane

The Building challenge.
with all that out of the way here’s the deal: ReBrick is sponsoring a contest for you or anyone for that matter to build an octopus related MOC, at the end of the contest period, the MOC with the most likes on the site will win the Piper Airplane set. There are also some other great prizes for second and 3rd place winners. So even if ou don’t think you’ve got a chance, for your chance at what is essentially a $2,000 set you owe it to yourself to enter the contest.

ULUG Building Challenge
Since I first learned about ULUG, and LEGO, I’ve wanted a LEGO store in Utah, and rumors have come and gone telling of a great future where a LEGO store will come and my savings will be completed, but so far nothing. ULUG has gone so far as to ask LEGO if there are plans to bring a store to Utah, and the best answer we’ve gotten was an email about how that information is treated as very sensitive, and is not released.

So Here’s what to do, Visit this facebook page and add your support to the petition for a LEGO Store, and then while We’re patiently waiting for news, or a confirmation, break out your LEGO Bricks, and has decide to host a mini model building challenge, where you are to build a model that could be given away as part of a LEGO Store opening when one does come to Utah.

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May’s club meeting is just arround the corrner. so cancel your weekend plans, get building and have some fun.

When: Saturday may 14th 2011 1pm

Where: SLC (our usual digs)

Drafting: Still being decided. Cast your vote in The Poll

Update: Polls are now closed Thanks for your vote! We will be drafting the new PoTC set Fountain of Youth.

Building Challenge Theme: Micropolis, It’s your second chance to win prizes. This one sponsored by Mason, has a $1 Entry fee. The winner gets this Awesome Gold Chrome Mini Fig. Check the forums for more of the Building Challenge Rules.

Mason's Chrome Minifig