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Lego Santa Yoda
If you haven’t already heard, Lego has launched a new website for the Christmas Season.

To help advertise the site, Lego fans and gathered in San Francisco Ca over the weekend to build a 12 foot tall Yoda in Santa Clause outfit.

And as you might expect, Santa Yoda is in the holiday spirit of giving. Head over to the website, and send a Lego Star Wars Holiday greeting card, and Lego and Santa Yoda will donate a new Lego Toy to the U.S Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program. And if you feeling a bit miserly yourself, and want Santa Yoda to give you a gift, well then you can enter the Lego Star Wars Holiday scene contest on the website by creating a picture or poster depicting the Lego Star Wars Mini-figure carrying out the holiday spirit, and uploading it to the website and you’ll be entered to win on of the Great Prizes. But really, you ought to send an e-card as well.

But if all you want is your own Santa Yoda, you can get your own Santa Yoda Mini figure inside the Lego Star Wars advent calendar available at (7958) or the Lego Shop and at many brick and mortar retailers such as Walmart and Toys R Us.

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates over the past month or so. The Wasatch Rails show went great! We were pushed out of our promised ground floor area and into the corner of the second level by one of the bigger train clubs, so we didn’t have as big of a space as we were planning on. We were still able to set up an awesome layout though, and everyone had a great time. We had all the usual awesome MOCs and a bunch of new stuff, like our working train drawbridge we built back in September, the Moonbase, and a carnival with moving rides. Sadly, this show was the last display of Spencer’s iconic yellow skyscraper. It was retired to make way for a new tower which will be cooler than the last (or at least it had better be 😉 ). The large blue Moonbase module collapsed during transport back home, making this show its first and last display venue. Jason is currently working on rebuilding it with an improved design.

Reed’s Photos
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Note to anyone with photos from the show- please post a link in the comments so this can be updated. Thanks!

December Meeting
Again, I apologize for not announcing our Christmas ULUG meeting. It was held today (December 15, 2007) from 1:30 to 4:00ish at David’s home. After talking LEGO for a while and playing with David’s trains we held a white elephant gift exchange. Thanks to David for hosting!