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ComicConLogoSmall 2008 was the first Year Lego produced an exclusive set of Comic Con minifigures, and a few exceptions along the way for exclusive sets, has continued to do so for some time now. The giveaways are highly sought after, and quickly become incredibly valuable, and inspire a line of hopeful convention attendees hoping to get lucky enough to win one. This years, crop of minifigures should be no different, as LEGO produces for Mini figures from the popular DC and marvel universes.

FREE, exclusive LEGO -EL with purchases of $75 or more. Valid 6.1.03 - 6.25.13 or while supplies last

Tomorrow June 1st Through June 25th, Lego will be offering:
An exclusive Jor-El minifigure with any purchase over $75 US
Additionally, They are changing their shipping policies, so that Orders of$75 or more will always ship free.

June LEGO exclusive Fig Promo

June LEGO exclusive Fig Promo

Unlike That Marvel Fig from last month this one really is exclusive, so if you want it’ it’s a buy now, or pay some crazy price for it later.

Official LEGO news has been slow of late, so there hasn’t been much to post here, or is there? One of ULUG’s newest members Quinn Rollins was unsatisfied with the available offering of Official LEGO Batman figs, and has built some of his own

I’m not usually one for custom figures, So much so that I cringe when my kids try to tell me how I can customize the figs we have with a sharpie. But these are diffident, you can tell this is not grade school boys with sharpies.