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As Part of what will become a regular feature here on the site, we are publishing the October LEGO Store Calendar. I must say, October looks awesome, It’s full of great things to do, exclusives to pickup, and plenty of activities, not the least of which is the Utah Stores Grand Opening Celebration, and double VIP points. For a complete listing of times and dates, click on the Images above to be taken to a full size image.

I’ve had mixed feelings over the years about Toy’s R Us. yes, sometimes if you wnat a set now, they are your only option. but most of the time they’re just the same sets you can get anywhere else, but cost you 10% more. so it is with some trepidation that I pass on the news about this year’s Bricktober giveaways, and events.

Bricktober Events anouncements

These are the first clue that LEGO has stepped up it’s game this year. I don’t recall any events from past years so this is something new, and depending on who’s at your local TRU, they may even prove worth while. The other bright spot in the tunnel this year are the giveways:

TRU Miniifgs

Yes, as part of this year’s promotions, TRU will be giving away a different set of 5 vintage mini-figs with a qualifying purchase each week during October. No word yet on what sets are available what weeks, or what constitutes a qualifying purchase. But no matter what it is. It has to be better than the Specially printed duplo Briocks from a couple of years back, so expect the qualifying purchase to cost more.