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ComicConLogoSmall Once again, Comic Con is the event to attend for LEGO news. this time, Lego anounces via cnet That 2 new Minecraft sets are coming to market.

The new sets Minecraft the Village, and Minecraft the Nether will be made available for $35 from select retailer, and in store and online from


Minecraft-The Village:

  • Like the last Minecraft set (now renamed Minecraft-The Forest) it can be split into 4 parts and reconfigured to add a simple method of personalization
  • Measures 3″ by 3″ by 3″
  • A buildable villager
  • A buildable zombie
  • a buildable pig
  • Contains lots of earth tone colored bricks and plates

LEGO Minecraft - The Nether
Minecraft- the Nether

  • Can be split into 4 parts and reconfigured to add a simple method of personalization
  • Measures 3″ by 3″ by 3″
  • 2 buildable Ghast
  • A buildable Zombie Pigman
  • Lots of Dark Red, and Black tiles and plates

Lego has warned, that when the sets first appear in September, there will be a limited supply due to the expedited production and product launch timeline. SO both sets will probably experience the same shortages that were common with the first LEGO Minecraft set.

All that aside, the best part of this news is the possibility that other LEGO CUUSOO sets and themes could be expanded into multiple sets.

Brick World Chicago – The Lego Group has unveiled the latest exclusive set in the Creator Expert Line of building sets aimed at AFOL’s and older brick builders.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

With the Large amount of Dark Tan, and the New White Curves, this should be on every serious builders list of must haves.
The Model Features:

• 2,989 pieces
• Advance Building Techniques for complex forms, angled walls and subtle detailing!
• Rare 1x1x2/3 stud, and 1x2x2/3 dark tan LEGO® sloped bricks!
• Hard to Find Dark Tan LEGO® Bricks
• The 48×48 stud baseplate, available in blue for the very first time!
• Sturdy construction which allows the model to be handled and moved!
• A unique model a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
• Measures over 11″ high, 25″ wide and 15″ deep!

The set will be availible In September 2013 through LEGO shop at Home, or in store (if were lucky enough to have the Utah Lego Store open before then)
For more on the set, adn it’s features check out the Designer Video:

As is Common with most of LEGO’s exclusive sets, The LEGO group unveiled it’s Newest exclusive set 10236 Ewok Village to the public today, at a LEGO Fan even in the Czech Republic.

It’s a thing of Beauty, weather you buy it for the parts, the set itself, or the figs, this set looks fantastic. You can read the LEGO press release, that accomapnied the set, and view all of the pictures after the Break Continue Reading

FREE, exclusive LEGO -EL with purchases of $75 or more. Valid 6.1.03 - 6.25.13 or while supplies last

Tomorrow June 1st Through June 25th, Lego will be offering:
An exclusive Jor-El minifigure with any purchase over $75 US
Additionally, They are changing their shipping policies, so that Orders of$75 or more will always ship free.

June LEGO exclusive Fig Promo

June LEGO exclusive Fig Promo

Unlike That Marvel Fig from last month this one really is exclusive, so if you want it’ it’s a buy now, or pay some crazy price for it later.

Begining today, LEGO is giving away the Iron Man vs Fighting Drone Set pictured below with any purchase over $50 when you shop online or instore.
Normally I love LEGO fig giveaway with purchase, they have a tenancy to increase dramatically in value, but this one Does not look like it will go that route. Closer inspection reveals that this is the same Iron Man fig that you get as part of Set #6867 Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape6867-Loki's-Cosmic-Cube-Escape

So it’s a rather bland giveaway, and If your an Iron man collector, you likely already have this version of Iron man. If you don’t and you still want it, or you’re a Poly bag collector this might be the time to buy. otherwise this set is a pass.