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Unless you’ve spent too much time hanging out a the Quick-e Mart, you’ve already heard about the Simpson’s house, and probably even seen pictures of it. For those of you who have been spending too much time hanging out with Apo, Here are the official pictures of the Simpson’ house, and the rest of that illusive information, like price.


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For Over a Year now, rumors have been rampant, that LEGO was going to release a Mini-fig Scale Disney Princess play sets. Those rumors have now been proven mostly correct. That is to say, the new line is probably based on the newer LEGO Friends models (Commonly referred to a s “Mini-Dolls”) For anyone who was upset about the LEGO Friends line, reinforcing gender stereo types and all that , this is not the line of toys for you. But for everyone else who has “girly” girls, or just want to let their daughters have fun, wherever they may find it, this is AWESOME!.


So it should not be a surprise that I am those, “the excited ones”. Not just because my daughter is a “girly” girl, but in spite of it, because these sets might just be her gateway into something more, you see, there is a part of me that thinks and hopes this will start her on a path thru LEGO Mindstroms, and on to real world engineering and true nerd/geekdom. But even if that doesn’t happen, someday, when she’s all grown, She and I can tell stories of a childhood spent playing with her father and “girly” Lego princesses. Which really is the breaking down of gender stereo types, not hers but mine. Since, as society sees it, should not I a grown man be appalled to play with pink LEGO? Probably, but, well I’m not! Bring it on! Pink frilly castles, towers, carriage rides, romantic boats, under-sea gates and archery sets here I come.
Check out the pictures, and see if you want to join me in the anti-revolution revolution.

Novembers Store Calendar is out, and there’s a hidden Gem in here, if your looking for a great LEGO deal:
The Offer for a Holiday Pick A Brick Box, with $75 purchase, and
The Offer for the Limited Edition Lego Holiday Set with $99 Purchase stack,
So if you wait, and make your purchase in a LEGO store Between November 29th(Black Friday) and December 2 (Cyber Monday) you can get both with your single $99 purchase.




I love this series of buildings and LEGO keeps cranking them out, I’ll Give you the basics, and let the Image speak for itself.

  • US 159.99
  • 2,469 pieces
  • Available January 2014, from LEGO shop at Home, and the LEGO Store
  • Lots of Olive Green Pieces

If you haven’t already heard, and I really don’t know how that’s possible; unless your not a LEGO fan, In which case I feel sorry for you, Utah’s First LEGO store is opening TODAY!!!!
In Fashion Place Mall nestled between Nordstrom’s and Dillard’s there’s a oasis of brightly colored boxes, and LEGO bricks.

While there are no giveaways today, those will happen during the grand opening on October 4th, 5th, and 6th, there will still be plenty of people excited about their own place to buy little bricks.

If you want more details, you can check The LEGO store Utah’s Facebook page, and BrickSlopes LEGO Store Q&A Answers Post