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Last night at Comic-Con’s preview night, The latest LEGO CUUSOO set Back to the Future went on sale. Along with it came the official announcement posted on the CUUSOO site. If that’s not enough information for you. The brothers over at The Brother’s Brick got a preview copy to review. which is informative, and provides some otherwise unpublished published pictures.

I could take some time and type a whole raft of comments and notes about what I can see in the set, but instead I think I’d be better off limiting it to what I see as the major points and then letting you look through the pictures, and watch the Video for yourself.

Major Points

  • New Minifigures
  • Custom printed tiles for license plates and interior
  • It’s a Delorean
  • On sale now at Comic-Con, then world wide on August 1st
  • Will available from LEGO Stores,, and select retailers
  • Costs $US 34.99

The Pictures

The Design Video

According to the LEGO site, The first wave of the much anticipated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be released on December 17th. One Day before the Shipping Deadline to get your Order in time for Christmas. So if you really must have some Turtles for Christmas, be sure you order on the 17th.

The first Wave will include 6 sets:

Baxter’s Robot Rampage

Kraang Lab Escape

Shell Raiser Street Chase

Shredder4s Dragon Bike

Stealth Shell in Pursuit

Turtle Lair Attack

THE LEGO Technic Design team announced earlier this week an opportunity for you to design a customized LEGO Technic Model based upon the chassis of the current crawler set # 9398. to ener buld your model, take a picture, then visit to upload you picture.

The winner earns the title of Honorary Lego Technic Designer, And LEGO will produce and sell 20,000 of your unique model as exclusive collectibles.

Don’t have a copy of 9398, no worries, you can pick it up form