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I have assumed for a long time, that something like this had to be coming, what with all of the exclusive sets for the star wars universe there had to be plans to release some for the Lord of the Rings licence as well. So in the first of what I assume will be many, Lego announced the release of the first set.


And While Lego has done a great Job capturing the likeness of the actual Tower of Orthanic, It simply does not compare to some of the other built by fan builders, including our very own Cody O But all the same, if your a LEGO fan, or Tolkenist, your going to want your own copy of the official LEGO set, which will be available available from Lego online or in store beginning July 2013 for US$ 199.99.

Check out more photos of the set in our gallery, and read the official LEGO press release after the break Continue Reading

at the suggestion of one of our form members (Xarquar) we’re starting a new semi-regular feature spotlighting new some of the club members and their LEGO creations.

Today’s Member is Cody O. Cody is currently serving as the ULUG President. As a builder of ancient times most of his creation bring to life some aspect of medieval or prehistoric life.
WGH Pirates Feb 2012

Building on his love of the all thing medieval, CODY has taken the challenge of Building the Tower of Orthanic from the Lord of the Rings.
This massive black tower stands over 6′ tall and is a sight to behold. there is no lack of enthusiasm from the crowd when you see plastic at ti’s best. You too can see it in person this weekend at the upcoming hostler’s train show in Ogden this weekend.

Ophir and Tintic Logo

Utah LEGO Users Group (ULUG) and the Great basin LEGO Train Club (GBLT&C) are teaming up to bring you yet another year of awesome LEGO creations. This Year will feature many new never before seen LEGO creations including Iconic recreations of from The Lord of the Rings. including Orthanac (Isengard Tower, Helm’s Deep, and the Shire. A first ever appearance of the Bat Cave in LEGO City, A newly remodeled Space Scene and much more so Join us at the Ophir and Tintic Western Railroad show at the thanksgiving point barn:
Friday January 18th from 3 pm to 9 pm
Saturday January 19th from 10 am to 6 pm
Admission is $6 for adults kids 12 and under are free.

It’s old news, and the actual game is not available until October 30th, but my own kids are so excited about the upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings Game, that I thought I should at least mention it. Plus if you pre-order from GameStop, you get the exclusive Elrond mini-figure. Which if your any kind of LEGO, or LOTR fan or collector, you’ll want to do so, as this is the only way to get one.

As to the game itself, online reviews are trickling in, and they promise and even better experience than the previous LEGO Games. And just in case your not sold on it yet, you can check out this preview from E3 and Machinima