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The holidays are fast approaching, and the need to save that hard earned money while still having something great under the tree Christmas morning is important. TO help you we found some great LEGO deals this week.
LEGO Shop at Home:
Is offering Free shipping on orders over USD$ 99 through the end of the month, and currently has the Maersk Train Set # 10219 (shown above on sale) for 10% off, doesn’t sound like much but it is one of those sets you can not find in your regular stores. So if your itching for a train set under the Christmas tree this year now’s a good time to pick it up.

YOu can see the rest of the Deals at Shop at Home here.
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Who:ULUG member’s new and old
When:September 17th at 1pm
Where: My House (check the forums for directions)
What: September is Here, and our next club meeting is just arround the corner. Draft:We’re drafting 2 copies of the Lego Maersk Train (you can get more info about the draft in the forums), and we’ll spend quite a bit of time discussing the more formal aspects of the club and it’s direction and organization