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May the 4th be with you

It’s that time again, The Annual Unofficial Star Wars Days, May 4th (May the forth be with you) and 5th (Revenge of the 5th). Lego Again is making a great showing to be a part of the celebration and capture your Star Wars Spending Dollars.

This Years Offers:FREE Shipping on all orders of $75 or more.

  • FREE Exclusive TC-14 minifigure on any LEGO Star Wars order of $75 or more. (while supplies last)
  • FREE R2-D2 poster with any LEGO Star Wars order. (while supplies last)
  • Select LEGO Star Wars items will be marked down. 2 days only or while supplies last! (full list below)
  • This Years Sale Items:

    • 10212 Imperial Shuttle 20% Off
    • 10221 Super Star Destroyer 20% Off
    • 7961 Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator 10% Off
    • 7962 Anakin and Sebulba’s 10% Off
    • 7929 The Battle of Naboo 10% Off
    • 7956 Ewok Attack 10% Off
    • 7964 Republic Frigate 10% Off
    • All Most All Star Wars Magnets and Key Chains 10% Off

    FREE Exclusive Minifigure, Free Shipping, and Poaster with any LEGO Star Wars order of $75 or more! Valid 5.4.12 - 5.5.12

    Besides the Sales And Deals, There are a couple of other things worth noting:
    1)After you’ve made your purchases on May the 4th, you can visit to upload a picture of one of your creations (MOC) which will be used as to make part of a virtual mosaic to be revealed on May the 5th.
    2) The new Lego R2-D2
    icon Shop at home is now available for purchase from Shop at Home

    Chrome TC-14

    I am late, late, late to the posting party about the upcoming May the force be with you (May 4th and 5th) Promotional Mini-figure that will be available from

    Yes, new has begun to circulate about the release of the Promotional TC-14 mini figure. New of the release appears to be accidental, in that the source of the now ubiquitous mini-figure, has come form Flickr USER ACPin, who uploaded digital copies of the May 2012 Lego Calendar. So other than the official calendar, there is no official word on the release from LEGO, or!

    For those who are unfamiliar with this promotion, LEGO traditionally, has had a May the 4th (get it may the fourth – May the Force? any way), Where many Star Wars sets are discounted, and an exclusive promotional mini-figure, or set is given away with each purchase that exceeds a specific dollar value.
    in 2011 it was The ARF Shadow Trooper, but this year it is a Chrome TC-14 protocol Droid.

    Exclusive figs are a great investment, and Chrome Figures are generally exceptionally rare as LEGO figures go, Usually commanding premium prices when production and distribution ceases. Just look at the current Bricklink prices for past promotional Figs:
    2011 ARF Shadow Trooper Avg US$ 27.82
    2010 Chrome Storm Trooper Avg US$ 23.52
    2009 Chrome Black Darth Vader Avg. US$ 48.62
    2007 Chrome C-3PO Avg $US 348.30

    While is is unlikely that TC-14 would hit the insane prices of the Chrome C-3PO, the 25 to $27 of the Chrome Storm trooper or ARF Shadow Trooper, seems a reasonable expectation. So come May 4th Head on Over to! and buy yourself US$ 75 worth of LEGO Star wars sets.