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ULUG Building Challenge
Since I first learned about ULUG, and LEGO, I’ve wanted a LEGO store in Utah, and rumors have come and gone telling of a great future where a LEGO store will come and my savings will be completed, but so far nothing. ULUG has gone so far as to ask LEGO if there are plans to bring a store to Utah, and the best answer we’ve gotten was an email about how that information is treated as very sensitive, and is not released.

So Here’s what to do, Visit this facebook page and add your support to the petition for a LEGO Store, and then while We’re patiently waiting for news, or a confirmation, break out your LEGO Bricks, and has decide to host a mini model building challenge, where you are to build a model that could be given away as part of a LEGO Store opening when one does come to Utah.

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