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You have by now heard the news, and if not, well you must be a Warner Brothers Fan, so good riddance. And if you are a Disney fan but haven’t heard the news, LEGO and Disney are realizing a series of minifigures.

Are you done hyperventilating yet? good. Now on to the important things….

May 3nd. Thats your date. ¬†Yes, I know its really the first but you don’t really want to be out there with everyone else, so do us all a favor and wait till the 3rd.

And here’s the good news: each box has 3 sets, plus a few extras to give to your friends (you know those LEGO guys next door).





Last night at Comic-Con’s preview night, The latest LEGO CUUSOO set Back to the Future went on sale. Along with it came the official announcement posted on the CUUSOO site. If that’s not enough information for you. The brothers over at The Brother’s Brick got a preview copy to review. which is informative, and provides some otherwise unpublished published pictures.

I could take some time and type a whole raft of comments and notes about what I can see in the set, but instead I think I’d be better off limiting it to what I see as the major points and then letting you look through the pictures, and watch the Video for yourself.

Major Points

  • New Minifigures
  • Custom printed tiles for license plates and interior
  • It’s a Delorean
  • On sale now at Comic-Con, then world wide on August 1st
  • Will available from LEGO Stores,, and select retailers
  • Costs $US 34.99

The Pictures

The Design Video

If you or your kidlets are any sort of LEGO fan, you’ve likely heard about the Special Promotional “Mr Gold” Minifig being released as part Series 10, and just in case you haven’t heard, here’s the scoop:

As a celebration of the LEGO Minifigures 10th series release, LEGO is adding a 17th figure to this run, a figure, called “Mr Gold”. unlike all of the other series Mr Gold is extremely rare, there are only 5,000, these 5,000 figures will be randomly inserted into cases of series 10 Minifigures, so that not even every box will have one. Finding him will be require a whole lot of luck effort, doggedness, and good timing.

If your one of those who wants one of them all, I wish you luck, and if you are ready to start you search, you can begin now at Smith’s Market place stores. Not scheduled to be released until May 1st Smiths market place as jumped the gun.

See all of the series 10 minifigures on the LEGO mini-figure website.