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The Annual London Toy fair is notorious for LEGO rumors, especially since TLG does not allow pictures, preferring instead to have pictures made available at the Nuremberg and New York Toy Fairs instead. Despite this details have emerged about the next series of LEGO Minifigs. Series 10 will feature:

  • a Sea captain,
  • a black and white clown,
  • a nerdy girl,
  • a grandpa,
  • a Bumblebee girl,
  • a Roman Commander,
  • Warrior Woman,
  • Painter,
  • Tomahawk Warrior,
  • Trendsetter,
  • Baseball fielder,
  • Revolution Soldier,
  • Motorcycle Mechanic,
  • Medusa,
  • Skydiver,
  • and Paintball player
Preliminary Images of the Series 10 Minifigs

Preliminary Images of the Series 10 Minifigs

And thought there are no images official or otherwise, there will also be 5,000 Gold Mini figs randomly added to boxes of figs, that’s not many considering how many of these figs are sold in each wave, but it’s something to look forward to.

2013 is close around the corner, and many of the upcoming LEGO sets have already been released. Among those is LEGO’s latest Space Offering: Galaxy Squad.

Galaxy Squad is a play theme, centered around different squads of space men who fight the alien race. The Galaxy Squads are designated by color designations including Blue, Red, Orange and Green. Wile the Aliens take on a Insect aesthetic that extends to their space craft and mech. There are currently 6 Galaxy Squad sets available as part of the first wave for 2013.

The range of sets spans the price points from MSRP $12 US to $80 Sets are available from Amazon, and as well as other online and brick an mortar retailers

According to the LEGO site, The first wave of the much anticipated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be released on December 17th. One Day before the Shipping Deadline to get your Order in time for Christmas. So if you really must have some Turtles for Christmas, be sure you order on the 17th.

The first Wave will include 6 sets:

Baxter’s Robot Rampage

Kraang Lab Escape

Shell Raiser Street Chase

Shredder4s Dragon Bike

Stealth Shell in Pursuit

Turtle Lair Attack

It’s that time of Year, where Pictures many of the upcoming 2013 sets are starting to be released. It all began with the Arkham Asylum, and the TMNT and has expanded for the Star Wars, Super Heroes, Legends of Chima, Technic and City Themes. We’ve rounded up what photos are currently available here for your perusing. click on the images for full size pictures.
2013 Ninjago:

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