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Unless you’ve spent too much time hanging out a the Quick-e Mart, you’ve already heard about the Simpson’s house, and probably even seen pictures of it. For those of you who have been spending too much time hanging out with Apo, Here are the official pictures of the Simpson’ house, and the rest of that illusive information, like price.


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Gizmodo is announcing the latest of the new LEGO licensed sets. There are as yet no set images or other information other than LEGO will be releasing them. Here’s to hoping this does not equate to an influx of the already ubiquitous LEGO bricks.

For some months now there have been rumors of the possible sets, and it’s set of some amount of controversy, about weather The Simpsons is age appropriate for LEGO’s core audience. I’m on the fence, I remember fondly as a child sneaking on some Simpson viewing when my parents were away, but now, Its just not as good, and I could care less about it. but if the sets look good, and the bricks are just about anything but yellow, you can count me in.