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As is Common with most of LEGO’s exclusive sets, The LEGO group unveiled it’s Newest exclusive set 10236 Ewok Village to the public today, at a LEGO Fan even in the Czech Republic.

It’s a thing of Beauty, weather you buy it for the parts, the set itself, or the figs, this set looks fantastic. You can read the LEGO press release, that accomapnied the set, and view all of the pictures after the Break Continue Reading

Lego confirmed today that the Red Five X-Wing Starfighter will be the next addition to the growing UCS lineup.

The latest iteration of the X-Wing:

  • measures over 10″ high, 20″ long, and 18″ wide;
  • Includes 1558 pieces
  • includes an R2-D2 astromech driod.
  • Will be available May 2013 (just in time for May the Force) from LEGO Shop At Home
  • and will cost $199.99 US

*Update: The Designer video has now been released as well

Lego B Wing

LEGO seems to have gotten a lot better at keeping their secrets until they are ready to release them to the public. I know this becasue I have seen no hints of the latest UCS set until today when I opened my email to find the notice from LEGO of the newest USC set: #10227 B-Wing Starfighter. Included in the email was a Joke:

This evening the newest LEGO® exclusive, 10227 B-wing Starfighter™, will be unveiled at Brick Fiesta in Houston, TX. The B-Wing is part of the Ultimate Collector series and since the ship was in part designed by Admiral Ackbar himself, we can assure you it’s NOT a trap!

lot and lots of Hi-res pictures:

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Chrome TC-14

I am late, late, late to the posting party about the upcoming May the force be with you (May 4th and 5th) Promotional Mini-figure that will be available from

Yes, new has begun to circulate about the release of the Promotional TC-14 mini figure. New of the release appears to be accidental, in that the source of the now ubiquitous mini-figure, has come form Flickr USER ACPin, who uploaded digital copies of the May 2012 Lego Calendar. So other than the official calendar, there is no official word on the release from LEGO, or!

For those who are unfamiliar with this promotion, LEGO traditionally, has had a May the 4th (get it may the fourth – May the Force? any way), Where many Star Wars sets are discounted, and an exclusive promotional mini-figure, or set is given away with each purchase that exceeds a specific dollar value.
in 2011 it was The ARF Shadow Trooper, but this year it is a Chrome TC-14 protocol Droid.

Exclusive figs are a great investment, and Chrome Figures are generally exceptionally rare as LEGO figures go, Usually commanding premium prices when production and distribution ceases. Just look at the current Bricklink prices for past promotional Figs:
2011 ARF Shadow Trooper Avg US$ 27.82
2010 Chrome Storm Trooper Avg US$ 23.52
2009 Chrome Black Darth Vader Avg. US$ 48.62
2007 Chrome C-3PO Avg $US 348.30

While is is unlikely that TC-14 would hit the insane prices of the Chrome C-3PO, the 25 to $27 of the Chrome Storm trooper or ARF Shadow Trooper, seems a reasonable expectation. So come May 4th Head on Over to! and buy yourself US$ 75 worth of LEGO Star wars sets.