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FREE, exclusive LEGO -EL with purchases of $75 or more. Valid 6.1.03 - 6.25.13 or while supplies last

Tomorrow June 1st Through June 25th, Lego will be offering:
An exclusive Jor-El minifigure with any purchase over $75 US
Additionally, They are changing their shipping policies, so that Orders of$75 or more will always ship free.

June LEGO exclusive Fig Promo

June LEGO exclusive Fig Promo

Unlike That Marvel Fig from last month this one really is exclusive, so if you want it’ it’s a buy now, or pay some crazy price for it later.

It is a good month for LEGO building Events. Earlier we posted about the upcoming LEGO build events that would be held later this month at our local Barnes and Noble stores, and now there is news that this weekend there will be another at local Toys R us Stores.

The event will give children the opportunity to build a “shield” or rather a batman or superman emblem. regardless of weather or not it’s a “shield” it’s still cool, and free. drag your kids along, and have fun.

click the image for more details:
Toys R Us Build a SuperMan or Batman shield Event
Note”while your there, be careful what you buy. ToysRus is notorious for their marked up prices