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LEGO Movie set
We all new that at some point LEGO would have to produce LEGO sets and minifigures based on the upcoming LEGO movie. Yesterday it all became officil ain the form of a Press Release from LEGO at the SDCC Comic-Con. You can click through the break to read more if you want to read the official press release, but the key points are:

  • Initially 17 sets based on the movie will be produced
  • The sets will be in a range of standard LEGO themes, including, wild west, City, and Space
  • A video game based on the movie will be produced
  • a playable demo of the video game will be previewed at Comic-Con
  • There will be a wave of new, and “new again” collectible minifigures based on the movie (Can you say classic space man?)
  • There will be a whole host of LEGO related merchandise brought to market by other vendors, primarily in the form of clothing, and books.
  • The movie releases the firs week of February 2014

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For the second time in it’s development process, The creators of “The LEGO Movie” (due out next year) are giving LEGO fans the world over the chance to participate, and have their creation become a part of the movie. The rules are fairly straight forward, build a LEGO scene, and then have your mini-fig destroy some element in the science to create a new creation to help fight the bad guys, all captured on film.

For more detailed rules and requirements, check out the full write up on Rebrick