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The holidays are fast approaching, and the need to save that hard earned money while still having something great under the tree Christmas morning is important. TO help you we found some great LEGO deals this week.
LEGO Shop at Home:
Is offering Free shipping on orders over USD$ 99 through the end of the month, and currently has the Maersk Train Set # 10219 (shown above on sale) for 10% off, doesn’t sound like much but it is one of those sets you can not find in your regular stores. So if your itching for a train set under the Christmas tree this year now’s a good time to pick it up.

YOu can see the rest of the Deals at Shop at Home here.
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ULUG does a lot of public shows and events, and one of the most common questions we get is where do you buy LEGO Trains, it’s not that there aren’t any, they just cost more, so you don’t usually see them at your local Walmart. But rest easy, Lego has released photos of their an upcoming new Train Set The “Horizon Express” Set Number 10233.


Horizon Express is slated to be part of the newly announce Creator Expert Series. Just looking at the photos, I can see some great techniques common with Adult Lego Builders that are making it into the more standard LEGO line.

The Train can be motorized using by adding the LEGO Power Functions accessories

If you want it, you’ll have to wait until January 2013, where you can buy it form, but if you want a train now, you can pick up one of the other slightly less cool models here, or you can try your luck at specialty to resellers like Toys R Us, or other online stores like

I’ve had mixed feelings over the years about Toy’s R Us. yes, sometimes if you wnat a set now, they are your only option. but most of the time they’re just the same sets you can get anywhere else, but cost you 10% more. so it is with some trepidation that I pass on the news about this year’s Bricktober giveaways, and events.

Bricktober Events anouncements

These are the first clue that LEGO has stepped up it’s game this year. I don’t recall any events from past years so this is something new, and depending on who’s at your local TRU, they may even prove worth while. The other bright spot in the tunnel this year are the giveways:

TRU Miniifgs

Yes, as part of this year’s promotions, TRU will be giving away a different set of 5 vintage mini-figs with a qualifying purchase each week during October. No word yet on what sets are available what weeks, or what constitutes a qualifying purchase. But no matter what it is. It has to be better than the Specially printed duplo Briocks from a couple of years back, so expect the qualifying purchase to cost more.

It is a good month for LEGO building Events. Earlier we posted about the upcoming LEGO build events that would be held later this month at our local Barnes and Noble stores, and now there is news that this weekend there will be another at local Toys R us Stores.

The event will give children the opportunity to build a “shield” or rather a batman or superman emblem. regardless of weather or not it’s a “shield” it’s still cool, and free. drag your kids along, and have fun.

click the image for more details:
Toys R Us Build a SuperMan or Batman shield Event
Note”while your there, be careful what you buy. ToysRus is notorious for their marked up prices