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LEGO-in-Utah LEGO has announce the opening of LEGO stored in Utah, Texas, Missouri, and Connecticut. While a Grand Opening date, and time are not yet available, announcement, though hidden under a couple of layers of minutia reveals that the UTAH LEGO Store will be house in the fashion place mall in Murray.

Yes I know, I didn’t believe it either, and if the screen cap above doesn’t prove it to you you can get to the news by clicking the link below,
and select the News link (about the middle of the page) for Stores opening in 2012


In what is becoming a normal trend these days, LEGO has released it’s latest LEGO fan Survey. This one appears to be aimed at understanding your use of Social Media, like Flickr, Facebook, and other LEGO related blogs to share and participate in LEGO discussion online.

It can only help so take a minute and take the survey.

Also, at the end of the survey, it sill ask you what LUG you are a part of. A LUG for those not who don’t know, stands for: LEGO User’s Group which is a a club for adults who still enjoy building with little plastic Bricks. This is important and we try to demonstrate to LEGO that there is a following of enthusiasts in Utah that Want A Lego Store Here. So please take a minute, and indicate that you are a member of either ULUG, or the Facebook group Utah Wants a Lego Store.

click through to participate in the Survey