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A more firing location for the unveiling of the latest in the annual addtions to the Winter village could not be found (unless of course there were a fan event in North Pole Alaska but htere’s not so there’s not).

This years addition, the Winter Village Market rings in at just over 1,200 pieces, and exceptional value for the $99 price tag. Acording to the LEGO press release, the set features:

  • 9 minifigures
  • a functioning carousel
  • moving bucket stand
  • new ornamental horse

It’s also interesting to see the new Creator Expert Series Applied to this continuing line of sets, where it hasn’t been before, Which I’m guessing means this will have some more complex building techniques than most of the past Winter Village sets have had.

In 2009, LEGO began Sold the Winter Village Toy Shop, small set render to look like a small part of Santa’s North Pole Hide out. Each year since then they have release another small part of the village.

I missed the 2009 release, and so so each year I have thought, I should get this set, it would look great on my mantle during the holidays, but each year I have talked myself out of it, because I was missing that 2009 set, and each subsequent year as well. Well No more, This year I will fix my problem, and begin my Winter Village. My change of heart is in no small part due to the quality look and feel of this years set #10229 Winter Village Cottage.


Rumors and leaked photos of the set have been around for nearly 2 weeks, but he official announcement came today at Brick Fair, the Lego Fan Convention in Chantilly, VA. Along with the announcement of the set come the standard fare of High-res pictures and a designer Video (after the break).

The set looks great, though it is unlikely that I will ever let my kids “play” with this set, it has some great play-ability built in, with a chain saw (I can just imagine the kids running wild through the house chasing each other with little min figs and their chain saws, Sorry ’bout that just a little off topic), the roof to the house opens and closes, and a snow plow (probably my favorite part of the set.

10229 Winter Village Cottage

Ages 12+. 1,487 pieces.

US $99.99 CA $129.99 DE 99.99 € UK 89.99 £ DK 899 DKK
Available October 2012 via LEGO Shop at Home