Iron Man vs Fighting Drone Give Away
Begining today, LEGO is giving away the Iron Man vs Fighting Drone Set pictured below with any purchase over $50 when you shop online or instore. Iron-Man-Fighting-Drone Normally I love LEGO fig giveaway with purchase, they have a tenancy to increase dramatically in value, but this one Does not look like it will go that route. Closer inspection reveals that this is the same Iron Man fig that you get as part of Set #6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape6867-Loki's-Cosmic-Cube-Escape So it's a rather bland giveaway, and If your an Iron man collector, you likely already have this version of Iron man. If you don't and you still want it, or you're a Poly bag collector this might be the time to buy. otherwise this set is a pass.

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