2-18-2023 ULUG Meeting Minutes

This meeting was held at the Ruth Tyler Library in Midvale. There were approximately 37 people in person and 6 online.
NEWS/BUSINESS: Kanab 8 people it went well. Clayton said It was more like a lego vacation.
ULUG survey being sent out. It will obtain feedback in several areas.
March 11th AFOL appreciation days. New sign up coming, still TBD if we get in an hour early due to changes in management at Lego Store.
Next meeting at Tyler Library.
If you bring a MOC:
Starting in Jan – everyone’s name that brings a MOC will be entered into a hat and two randomly chosen people will get some sort of Lego prize (provided by Bricks and MiniFigs – big thank you to them). Must be a paid dues member to be eligible for prize.
Can use PayPal again! Please please use friends and family! It causes a headache otherwise.
Future Shows:
Hostler Model Railroad Festival – Fri Mar 3, Sat Mar 4 & Sun Mar 5 Two weeks away!! We are half full we need more people. Please sign up!
Grizzlies Star Wars Game – Saturday April 15 Star Wars Theme Only – but essentially unlimited space – more details will come
Parade Float for July – talk to Joe (discord channel). 4th of July in Murray, and 24th in Spanish Fork. Looking for wood for stability stand. Does anyone have large passenger to pick up people at the end of the parade. Looking for a couple of trucks to haul people and the trailer. Bryan Benson volunteered. Need floral sheeting, any connections let us know. Need people/kids in the parade to hand out things and participate.
Bricks and Minifigs setups in South Jordan and Salt Lake. Membership outreach program. Information for all shows on discord. We need MODs (3 x 6 baseplates) These shows do not count towards lugbulk picks. You get 10% off the bulk tables if you let them know you are with ULUG.
BrickSlopes: August 24-27, Bryan B updates: Brand new BrickSlopes website! Thanks, Nephi! BrickSlopes Blog, if you want to write on it let Bryan know. Bring all your builds to BrickSlopes. Early Registration ends May 4th.
ITE is very small display this year. May need to make only one MOD per person.
Welcome new folks:  
Name – Fav Theme
Fernando- Castle & Star Wars
Mike – pirates
Mike –
James –
Skye –
Cooper – Stars Wars & Castle
Noah – Train
Brad – Titan Fall Mosaic
Fernando – Castle, Iron Throne
Jordan – WWll & Star Wars mash up plane
Joe – internal MOD display, Star Trek Engineering
Ryan – blacksmith shop reimagination
Andy – GBC module
Greg – Minecraft
Steve – one brick modification
Marianne – base of sears tower, trophy
Club Corey – mini crane game
Jeff – arcade room
Clayton – Lion Witch and Wardrobe scene
Colton – Distracted boyfriend meme
Jen – moc of Jen and Susan on Lego Masters
Roxanne – Gryffindor XWing
Nathan K – well and
John R – shadow minifig
Spencer self elected Mayor of Micropolis History and how to of micropolis. Looking to do this at upcoming and future shows.
DRAFT: The draft this month was (80110) Lunar New Year Display. 4 sets were drafted among 20 participants.
* First Pick, 3×3 printed round tiles
* Last Pick 2×2 green plate