33rd Annual Hostlers Model Railroad 2023 Festival

From March 3 through March 5, Hostlers Model Railroad Club of Ogden, Utah hosted its 33rd Annual Hostlers Model Railroad 2023 Festival and the Utah Lego Users Group was, once again, well represented.  The show returned to Ogden’s Union Station providing us plenty of space to display using all but one of the club’s tables.  The layout was 50 feet long by 20 ft wide totaling over 47 MODs of space.  Over 20 members participated in the layout with several others attending to support everyone else along with numerous family and friends.  This year’s event was well attended by the public over the three days with over 3 hours on Saturday when the lines around the entire layout were two or three deep.  Numerous trains ran, balls in the GBC circulated, and fun was had by all.

-Jeff P.