Spruce Tree

LEGO Spruce Tree


This how-to is based on elements chosen from ULUG LUGBULK 2023.

There are various methods to create this tree but if you’re looking to create it with only parts as part of your order, this will outline the steps.  The interlocking leaf elements designed by Emil Lidé takes a bit of practice, but is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  Putting all the parts together is what takes a bit of experimenting, and will also differ depending on the height of the tree.




Rings are made by interlocking the leaves to each other as shown.



Continue to interlock more leaves and then finally interlock the two ends to each other to create a ring.



We now have a ring of size 5. This is the smallest size we need. In total we need one ring of each of these sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.



Upon completion the elements in these rings tend to point straight down. However, we want then to point a bit outwards as well. We can make this happen by pushing at the top of the ring with our palm. This will push the leaves outwards, and we will hear a few ‘clicks’ as the leaves shift position.


Note that we’re not trying to bend the leaf elements, though they will temporarily bend when we push down. We’re rather trying to get the elements to interlock in a slightly different position where they will point more outwards.



The top part is constructed by weaving just 3 leaves together, but the result is quite flimsy. What we need is for the top points to be pushed inwards and meet together to form the top of the tree. Do this by pulling the bottom corners out so they push against each other, forcing the tops to move inwards.



Place the largest ring in place at the bottom. Make sure that it is balanced and not tipping over to any side. Once the largest ring is in place, take the second largest ring and stack it on top of it. Continue in this manner until all the rings have been put on.


Now the tree is pretty much ready. But you might have noticed that the support is visible through the top part at certain angles. Fill in any gaps with 3×4 leaves.



All done!

Original design by Emil Lidé
Spruce Tutorial
Modified for ULUG by Joe McShinsky


LEGO Spruce Tree