What is a draft?

Basically it’s a way to get a bunch of an element from a set without having to buy multiple copies of the set and all the elements you don’t care for.  At most of our monthly meetings we get together and part out multiple LEGO sets to individual elements.   The sets are acquired by a club officer and is different for every draft.  The number of sets used for the draft will depend on the number of attendees of the draft.  This means that the more people who participate, the greater the number of each element you could snag when it’s your turn.  Participation in the draft is $20


For example, a set comes with 4 bricks.   Green, tan, red, & grey.


Based on participation, 3 sets are going to be drafted.  After combining sets and separating elements, there would be a pile of 3 green, 3 tan, etc etc.

In this example, there are 3 people.  The first person could select all 3 of the red bricks.  The second could then select all of the tan bricks.  Now the third person picks the green  bricks.  If there were more piles available than the number of people, the first person gets to choose another pile.


In our example, there are not enough people to match the number of piles left.  At this point it goes backward because the last person didn’t get a premium “1st pick”.  The third person gets to pick again (back-to-back), then the second person if a pile is still available.


Note 1:  Elements are often paired or naturally ‘go’ with others. It is common to combine these elements into groupings.


Note 2: Sometimes a part has a high quantity in a set (say 15 or 20 per set). Discussion is opened to separate very large lots into smaller, multiple (evenly sized) lots.

ULUG Members sorting parts for the draft