There is no better time to shop online than the holidays,” said Paul Buhler, the director of online sales for The Limited. “You can order your own gifts early and save big on shipping.” And you can save even more by going to websites like Raise, where you can find online coupon codes.

But do those savings last the entire holiday season?

“That’s an old problem,” Buhler said.

Gifts for the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the most expensive sales months for many online stores, according to Buhler, with many stores selling items at discount, sometimes 50% off.

“We’ve got all the holiday items that people would love to buy for their friends and family,” he said.

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Here are a few ideas for holiday gifts for your loved ones:

Gifts for the adults: “If you’re the recipient of a parent’s gift, it may be best to buy a gift set. You may be surprised how much fun these can be,” Buhler said. For kids and other small gift cards, Buhler suggests paying for a gift card in person in person. Gifts for yourself: Buhler recommends buying a set of any children’s books or games at Walmart or Toys R Us. “You can get the same amount of value with fewer dollars, as opposed to buying individual books,” he said. If you can’t afford to buy all of the books, visit the library and borrow them. That way, you can feel good that you are giving something back. Gift cards are a great option for kids’ games, Buhler said. “Anything with a price tag makes it attractive to kids,” he said. “Kids love to be taken care of. If they see you in the store, it’s like, ‘Look at me, look at my gift card.’ ” Gift cards also work for adult magazines, which sell at the same prices as the store, but parents have a greater opportunity to control their purchases.

LOGAN — Logan jeweler S.E. Needhams recently created a solid gold Han Solo Lego piece and an entertaining YouTube video — backstory and stop-motion included — to go along with it.

In the charming video, Lego Han and Darth Vader meet at Needhams to discuss a marriage proposal to Princess Leia, Solo’s love and Vader’s daughter. The setup was a trap, however, and Han finds himself encased in a foreign substance, this time in 14K gold instead of carbonite.

Watching the video, made by JerryRigEverything on YouTube, is actually really satisfying. You get to see plaster poured over the Lego into a cylinder and the mold baked in a 2,000-degree Fahrenheit burnout furnace, which the video voiceover said “radiated more heat than both suns on Tatoine.” That amount of heat vaporized the plastic and 14K gold heated to 1,900 degrees was then poured in to fill the Han Solo-shaped cavity.

After cooling, the mold was broken, the plaster removed with a small drill and the golden figure tumbled until shiny. After a little polishing, buffing and a dip in a very Star Wars galaxy-like ultrasonic cleaning bath, Han emerges looking more droid than smuggler.

This video hits a few notes: Star Wars, behind-the-scenes of jewelry making and stop-action goodness. The fact that it was filmed in Utah is just icing on the quirky video cake.

The music for the video was provided by PlayerPiano and the effects done by Ideas for Hollywood.