For Over a Year now, rumors have been rampant, that LEGO was going to release a Mini-fig Scale Disney Princess play sets. Those rumors have now been proven mostly correct. That is to say, the new line is probably based on the newer LEGO Friends models (Commonly referred to a s “Mini-Dolls”) For anyone who was upset about the LEGO Friends line, reinforcing gender stereo types and all that , this is not the line of toys for you. But for everyone else who has “girly” girls, or just want to let their daughters have fun, wherever they may find it, this is AWESOME!.


So it should not be a surprise that I am those, “the excited ones”. Not just because my daughter is a “girly” girl, but in spite of it, because these sets might just be her gateway into something more, you see, there is a part of me that thinks and hopes this will start her on a path thru LEGO Mindstroms, and on to real world engineering and true nerd/geekdom. But even if that doesn’t happen, someday, when she’s all grown, She and I can tell stories of a childhood spent playing with her father and “girly” Lego princesses. Which really is the breaking down of gender stereo types, not hers but mine. Since, as society sees it, should not I a grown man be appalled to play with pink LEGO? Probably, but, well I’m not! Bring it on! Pink frilly castles, towers, carriage rides, romantic boats, under-sea gates and archery sets here I come.
Check out the pictures, and see if you want to join me in the anti-revolution revolution.

Novembers Store Calendar is out, and there’s a hidden Gem in here, if your looking for a great LEGO deal:
The Offer for a Holiday Pick A Brick Box, with $75 purchase, and
The Offer for the Limited Edition Lego Holiday Set with $99 Purchase stack,
So if you wait, and make your purchase in a LEGO store Between November 29th(Black Friday) and December 2 (Cyber Monday) you can get both with your single $99 purchase.




I love this series of buildings and LEGO keeps cranking them out, I’ll Give you the basics, and let the Image speak for itself.

  • US 159.99
  • 2,469 pieces
  • Available January 2014, from LEGO shop at Home, and the LEGO Store
  • Lots of Olive Green Pieces



As Part of what will become a regular feature here on the site, we are publishing the October LEGO Store Calendar. I must say, October looks awesome, It’s full of great things to do, exclusives to pickup, and plenty of activities, not the least of which is the Utah Stores Grand Opening Celebration, and double VIP points. For a complete listing of times and dates, click on the Images above to be taken to a full size image.

Beautiful LEGO Cover page

I got my Review Copy of Mike Doyle’s Beautiful LEGO in the mail yesterday, And it is just that BEAUTIFUL. Before I even opened it up I was impressed, the cover is A thick Paper Doubled over on-itself, with full color pictures, and a Glossy cover. When i overcame my jubilation I opened the book up on the kitchen table. My 2 boys sensing something LEGO in the house came in shortly there after and flipped pages with me. A few yelps of excitement later my Wife Joined us, and we all spent some good time thumbing the pages, with mixes of excitement at the beauty, and displeasure that we ourselves had never created anything that beautiful. The family consensus was that this is the best coffee table book ever!

The book alternates between sections devoted to an individual builder and those devoted to a specific theme, or building style. The builder sections are like most of the Book large full color photographs of impressive LEGO works of art, with a well thought out interview of the builder that is both serious, and just lighthearted enough to keep it lively and charming, in perfect sync with the rest of the book.

So now your wondering should you buy one too? Yes Definitely, If your An AFOL like me, the book is invaluable, not for any new technique or building skill it might teach, because that is not it’s goal. But A tool to explain what an AFOL is and what we do. Case in Point, I took the book to work with me today, It was great so see my coworkers fight over a chance to look it over and decide if I could have built anything in the book (Maybe was the consensus). But what really made it worth while was the ease at which I could show of some of the builders and their creations that make me proud to be an AFOL.

For the casual observer of the LEGO community, again it’s a great book, to peruse and see what is possible in a simple Ink and Paper Format.

If your looking to pick it up, you can do so From No Starch Press, or