I love this series of buildings and LEGO keeps cranking them out, I’ll Give you the basics, and let the Image speak for itself.

  • US 159.99
  • 2,469 pieces
  • Available January 2014, from LEGO shop at Home, and the LEGO Store
  • Lots of Olive Green Pieces



As Part of what will become a regular feature here on the site, we are publishing the October LEGO Store Calendar. I must say, October looks awesome, It’s full of great things to do, exclusives to pickup, and plenty of activities, not the least of which is the Utah Stores Grand Opening Celebration, and double VIP points. For a complete listing of times and dates, click on the Images above to be taken to a full size image.

Beautiful LEGO Cover page

I got my Review Copy of Mike Doyle’s Beautiful LEGO in the mail yesterday, And it is just that BEAUTIFUL. Before I even opened it up I was impressed, the cover is A thick Paper Doubled over on-itself, with full color pictures, and a Glossy cover. When i overcame my jubilation I opened the book up on the kitchen table. My 2 boys sensing something LEGO in the house came in shortly there after and flipped pages with me. A few yelps of excitement later my Wife Joined us, and we all spent some good time thumbing the pages, with mixes of excitement at the beauty, and displeasure that we ourselves had never created anything that beautiful. The family consensus was that this is the best coffee table book ever!

The book alternates between sections devoted to an individual builder and those devoted to a specific theme, or building style. The builder sections are like most of the Book large full color photographs of impressive LEGO works of art, with a well thought out interview of the builder that is both serious, and just lighthearted enough to keep it lively and charming, in perfect sync with the rest of the book.

So now your wondering should you buy one too? Yes Definitely, If your An AFOL like me, the book is invaluable, not for any new technique or building skill it might teach, because that is not it’s goal. But A tool to explain what an AFOL is and what we do. Case in Point, I took the book to work with me today, It was great so see my coworkers fight over a chance to look it over and decide if I could have built anything in the book (Maybe was the consensus). But what really made it worth while was the ease at which I could show of some of the builders and their creations that make me proud to be an AFOL.

For the casual observer of the LEGO community, again it’s a great book, to peruse and see what is possible in a simple Ink and Paper Format.

If your looking to pick it up, you can do so From No Starch Press, or Amazon.com

If you haven’t already heard, and I really don’t know how that’s possible; unless your not a LEGO fan, In which case I feel sorry for you, Utah’s First LEGO store is opening TODAY!!!!
In Fashion Place Mall nestled between Nordstrom’s and Dillard’s there’s a oasis of brightly colored boxes, and LEGO bricks.

While there are no giveaways today, those will happen during the grand opening on October 4th, 5th, and 6th, there will still be plenty of people excited about their own place to buy little bricks.

If you want more details, you can check The LEGO store Utah’s Facebook page, and BrickSlopes LEGO Store Q&A Answers Post


We have posted before about the upcoming LEGO store opening, but apparently we weren’t very clear, so this post will attempt to clarify things a bit more.

The LEGO store will open for it’s first day of business on September 20th. This the opening day is normally called a “soft opening” in retail circles, it just happens, and because it’s not announced, there is no fan fare, bells or whistles, the pace is slower, and gives the store a chance to muddle through some of the training of new team members, and work out the kinks they find along the way. That being said, it is the first day you will be able to get your hands on exclusive LEGO sets, without ordering on line and having to wait a couple of days for them to arrive.

But if big grand events with lots of fan fare are more your style, The Lego Store’s Grand Opening is what your looking for. The Grand Opening will be on October 4th, 5th, and 6th. It will have all the excitement, activities and fun you can possible imagine.

  • A LEGO Master Model Builder will be onsite to help children Build a life size Hulk Statue from LEGO bricks
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of achievement
  • On Friday the first 300 customers to spend $50 will receive a Free Collectible T-Shirt
  • On Saturday the first 300 customers to spend $75 will receive a Free Limited Edition LEGO Store Set
  • And on Sunday, the First 300 Customers to spend $50 will receive and Exclusive Mini-figure set.

If you wnat more details, you can check the official LEGO Announcement, The LEGO Store’s Grand Opening Facebook Event , or the Utah Lego Fan’s “Soft Opening” Facebook Event.