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  1. Dear Lego fans,
    My Name is Ondrew Hartigan, Some of you may know me and some of you may not but needless to say I’ve been in the Lego train community for a while as the “custom track guy” and as a member of multiple LTCs.

    Currently I am working on a project to collect some basic information on Lego user groups/Lego Train clubs Train display standards so they can be shared. It is my hope that gathering this information will assist clubs in doing multi club collaborative events/shows. In addition to this goal I will be using this data in the creation of a list of Recommended Practices for people who are new to the hobby as well as for LUGs/LTCs who are interested. Please note: It is not my intention to change the way your club currently does things.

    In order to quickly obtain this information I have set up a survey which takes about 5 minutes to fill out. You can find the survey here:

    Thank you for your help, Ondrew Hartigan

  2. UtahLUG.org members,
    As the son of a former Thiokol solid rocket motor engineer I would like to invite you all to come and visit booth 3006 at Comicon of 16 year old Texan Evan Bacon. Evan is one of the top lifesize brick sculptors in the world. He specializes in comic heros and will have several of his pieces at the booth. Evans work has been commissioned to stand along side the works of Nathan Sawaya and Sean Kinney. He is really an amazing artist and enjoys sharing his craft.Evan looks forward to meeting the ULUG members and hope you will introduce yourselves as AFOLS when you come by the booth.
    Thank you,
    Brian Bacon

  3. Hello,
    I met you guys at the Comicon event this last weekend.
    I wanted to talk to you about creating our logo out of legos.

    Can someone please contact me so I can get some ideas on costs.

    Thank you!

    Ps- an amazing presentation I your work at the show!

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