Drafting at Lego meetings

What is a draft? Basically it’s a way to get a bunch of an element from a set without having to buy multiple copies of the set and all the elements you don’t care for.  At most of our monthly meetings we get together and part out multiple LEGO sets to individual elements.   The sets […]

Spruce Tree Using Leaf 2417

Spruce Tree   This how-to is based on elements chosen from ULUG LUGBULK 2023. There are various methods to create this tree but if you’re looking to create it with only parts as part of your order, this will outline the steps.  The interlocking leaf elements designed by Emil Lidé takes a bit of practice, […]

ULUG Train Loop Guidelines

The Purpose of the standard. The main two reasons to have a train loop standard are: One – to make sure custom trains can move around the train loop without any problems Two – to make the loop / city look more uniform and connected even though it is built by many different members.   […]

What is a MOC

What is a LEGO® MOC? A MOC stands for My Own Creation and is a custom creation. Generally speaking, these are created completely from scratch. A major modification to an off-the-shelf set could also fall into the MOC category. Sets are a great way to get creative ideas for your own MOC. It’s not uncommon […]